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epic landgrab??

were antifa riots a real estate land grab scheme?

The American Occupation & Devolution

Ladies and Gentleman, we are under Occupation!  Specifically by the Communist Chinese Party acting as Proxy for an Elite Few Ultra Wealthy Individuals and Families who feel that they should rule the world through universal Tyranny!  In the United States these individuals have taken advantage of Americas Wealth and Philanthropic nature.  Please Watch the Third Episode of a four part series regarding Ukraine presented by Glenn Beck entitle THE DEMOCRATS HYDRA.  It is the Best Representation of who these individuals are that I have found.

What can we do about being Occupied?  Why hasn't anyone been held accountable for the illegal activities that we can see happening all around us?  What if by being Occupied these people acting on behalf of the Occupier can conduct themselves in a criminal manor and NOT be breaking the Law?

Watch these two videos to understand why it may be that things are happening in the way in which they are.

Before you feel that all is lost watch THE BEST IS YET TO COME to see that perhaps something IS being done to prevent the Occupation from succeeding!  Also, check out the LAW of WAR MANUAL for yourself.

Once you understand the above Videos and truly want the REDPILL, than watch FALL CABAL and have a look at the truly EVIL that those in charge are being accused of engage in.


The above videos are long and packed with information which if you are being exposed to for the first time, can be very difficult to process.  I have tried to present you with the Videos that I feel best represent the TRUE current events taking place.  There is some information in these videos which may not be accurate, but the totality of the content I believe is and shows that...



We are under OCCUPATION by the CCP acting as PROXY for the CABAL

Those who have been Compromised  I.E., Politicians, Three letter agencies, Media, Judges etc. are acting outside the American legal system under the rules outlined in the DOD LAW OF WAR MANUAL regarding Occupation.


WHITE HATS have been attempting to disseminate this information to the public under the guise of "Q" and are attempting to engage in the largest "Sting" operation in WORLD HISTORY!  Their goal?  To catch those who have "Captured" America violating the rules outlined in the DOD LAW OF WAR manual and to take back control of AMERICA!

Everything we are experiencing right now is as a result of a WAR being waged in silence.  Not with brute force, bullets or an army but with Psychological and Biological warfare!  America is uniquely situated among all the countries of the world as one which is founded on the Power and Sovereignty of its individual citizens.  Because of this, the most intelligent, opportunistic, capable and innovative individuals from all the other countries of the world have found there way HERE to America.  When it is said America is the GREATEST country on earth, we are saying the PEOPLE of America are comprised of the the GREATEST PEOPLE of all the other countries of the World.  And because of this, the other Countries were left with those who have capitulated to the Cabal and have allowed their countries to fall.  It is up to Americans, who are of those countries who have fallen to STAND UP! and FIGHT for FREEDOM, LIBERTY and JUSTICE for ALL the people of this WORLD!

The time has come for those who have committed atrocities upon the people of this beautiful planet to be held accountable.  We the PEOPLE of this great planet herby take back the power stolen from us by an elite few and seek to hold not only those directly responsible for crimes committed against humanity, but all those who have been complicit in their undertaking the responsibilities which furthered these crimes!  Specifically:

  1. Violating Voting Laws and allowing individuals to assume power who than abuse that power for the advancement of these criminals plans.

  2. Covid19 Vaccination crimes which directly Violate the Nuremburg Code...  Specifically INFORMED CONSENT!

  3. CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY! Specifically, engaging in Illegal activities for the purpose of gaining or maintaining control over a countries goods and resources for the purpose of self enrichment.

who owns the world!


patriot purge by tucker carlson

Here is my observation on some of what is going to happen, or about to end the elections, and our sovereignty as an nation..

My point is if Trump would had used his EO 13848, and made the arrest with Obama, Soros, Biden, Hillary and other treasonous traitors then possibly we wouldn't be in this crisis.  

This is me speaking. Also all theory. My question to all if I am wrong why is there a big push for the jab, violations of human rights, biological weapon by China released our us, by our own government. Also Trump promoting the jab.

Also the ships out there just piled up.. No one, not even Trump using his pull. Neither are senators, or members of congress, or stare governors, and state representatives seceding from this counterfeit federal government and deploy what ever means to make arrest and end this. 

We were told to trust the plan, that Trump  will be back, while all along we have taken our eyes off the real plot to take place in America.  Here is what I think will happen.

1. The counterfeit government is deliberately keeping food from their own people to make them comply  by starving them. Also injecting a vax of poison to depopulate.

2. Once this goes on those ships out there are armed with warheads. Possibly nuclear in these container ships. Just waiting for we the people to start starving, in riots, in chaos. This is when I believe we will also lose power in the US.

3. Once this takes place the next thing will be a invasion by foreign troops like China, Russia, Venezuela,  Columbia,  Honduras, Iran,  etc that are on these ships just waiting. Also the sleeper cells in the different states will be activated.

4. They will take down our counterfeit government, and then the nation is in foreign military Marshall law and a tyrant / dictator  like Obama will be put in charge.

So does this sound about right @realdonaldtrump. 

Mr Trump, The plan is to starve people into submission to comply or die. So why aren't you in FL with Governor Ron DeSantis, and in TX with Governor Abbott making  means for these ships with food and other supplies to dock in these  ports of  entry. Start making calls and moving these companies. The people are watching. 
It is coming time to arm up.


We are the answer!
"we will not comply" is the solution


stay informed!


The Universal Antidote?



Under: Our Stolen Election

See the algorithm and method the Left has used to steal the 2020 Election!  Mike Lindell interviews an Internationally Renowned Physicist who proves this was the biggest cyber-crime in World History in this video titled: Scientific Proof


Under: Covid19

Fauci's troubles continue, now his e-mails are made public.  Catherine Austin Fitts discussing Technocracy laying out the scenario from A to Z, also check out Dr Andrew Kaufman's ideas about the virus.  Also, check out No Jab For Me! a collection of information on why the vaccine may not be right for you.



This Brave Canadian has just Proven how we can defeat the Covid Manufactured Crises!  Learn how HERE!

And... Check out Pandemic - INDOCORNATION




were antifa riots a real estate land grab scheme?


No Jab for me

Check Out the Stew Peters Show for the latest on Covid19 Vaccination information!



Under: Alien Conspiracies

Dr. Steven M. Greer discusses his attempt to shed light on the overwhelming evidence of an alien existence in one of his latest documentaries entitled: 

Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind

Also, check out newly Released: 

The Cosmic Hoax

Under: GOD

This Man believes he has found a code in our DNA which proves Intelligent Design.  In this interview listen to how he discovered the language he believes is imbedded in our Genetic Makeup.



Under: Q

Ever wondered why no one was ever prosecuted for the numerous crimes committed against our country?  This video offers a reason for why that may be

The Best is yet to come

Under: Plot to Destroy America

Discover who it is that threatens America and what they have planned in this Four Part Explanation HERE!

Under: The Solution

I suggest ideas that just might be able to turn this country around!  Take a look for yourself HERE!

This and MORE can be found under a variety of Topics found under Theories.  Feel free to discover all the great content and resources available here on:

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