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the plot to destroy America


There is a plot to destroy the United States as we know it.  I am going to tell you a story with videos...  First, who is it that wants to destroy America?  Watch this video in its entirety and you will know.

In order to get high ranking government officials to go along with their plan.  They had to create a means of leverage over media, politicians, leaders and other powerful and influential people.  To do this they created a corruption scheme were to be part of the cabal you have to participate in...  This series of Videos shows the depth of corruption and depravity they will go to for success.  Please watch the 10 part series in its entirety.



There is resistance!  We are currently at WAR with this cabal for America as we know it.  If you understand the videos I've listed above and consider what they are conveying as possible than you will have a powerful tool in perceiving the world we live in and the information being presented to you!  As for why President Donald Trump is being attacked, it is because the Obama Administration is part of this cabal and is using American resources to further their agenda.  This article explains just part of the system they have in place to acquire compromising information on...  Everyone!

The Hammer is the key to the coup - The American Report

Finally, this video details the attempt the Obama Administration made to leave behind a means of maintaining control under the guise of Continuity of Government. It also explains why there has been a push to portray the Trump Administration as constantly in distress.  The WAR is real, it is ongoing and it is for the survival of America as we know it!  


check out the solution to this  under 'Q'

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