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The Solution to

the plot to destroy America

You can't have villains without a savior or saviors in this case.  This is were our story gets really interesting!  As introduced in "Fall Cabal" (#2 under "Plot to Destroy America"), we learn about a mysterious group calling themselves Qanon or "Q". Here is some amazing videos that better explain what Q could be.  Also...  Back in 2012 an organization calling themselves Cicada 3301 posted a puzzle on 4chan which was believed to be a recruitment tool.  Their codebreaking puzzles resemble those used by the Q team to disseminate information to the public.  Is this the origins of the "Q" team?

Below is a short video about Cicada 3301 which I hope you find fascinating.

Proving Q

Majestic Eyes Only on Rumble goes through the Department of Defense Law of War Manual and shows how the Q board references this manual to show "The Plan"

Screenshot 2021-08-20 181819.png
Screenshot 2021-08-20 181921.png

Check out the Matrixxx Grooove Show on Telkegram, it is a great stream of Meemes, conspiracy discussions and interesting drops!

photo_2021-01-15 12.13.23.jpeg

CNN reporting positively and negatively on Q

Listen to what this man has to say about what is happening in Hollywood.

Angry that there have not been perp-walks by the numerous criminal activities taking place by so many?  What if there was a reason why no one has been indicted...  Yet...

This video gives an answer to why that may be.

Did you know that we have been under a National Emergency since 2018?  Here is a video that talks about that and what it means for the Election of 2020.

take a listen to what ex ceo of Patrick Byrne has to say

In these two videos, Byrne discusses his involvement is a sting against Hillary Clinton and the aftermath of that investigation.  Below he discusses the resistance taking place within Trumps administration and the sedition by his own cabinet members.


Who is "Q"
Alex Jones Reveals who "Q" is.

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