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The solution!

We are not quite lost just yet!  Here are a few suggestions on what I feel we could do to turn around our country. 

     First, we MUST address our elections...   Unless we can vote in like minded people to represent us, our ideology and, more important, vote out those who don't then all else is lost.  Also, we MUST address the crimes against Humanity, Treason and Sedition which have taken place as a result of our elections being stolen.  Those responsible MUST be made an example so that those who attempted these actions in the future will know their fate!

     Then, we need to secure additional protections through our Constitution by enacting new amendments which address issues which have led us to were we are now.

     Next, fight back against senseless regulation and the absurd administrative state through collaborative and well thought out litigation to expose just how entrenched and intrusive our government has become.  Whenever possible, stand up and be Non-Compliant!

     Finally, we must build a parallel economy were we can conduct business  and communicate without disruption by those who would politicize our daily goings on.  Whenever possible taking over current businesses and organizations through an organized Capitalist over trough.

MOST IMPORTANT OF ALL...  Be INFORMED!  Educate yourself, not only on Conservative ideas, but on as many diverse opinions as you can so that you are WELL INFORMED!


Election Integrity: 

Unless we can vote out those who DO NOT share our values and exabit integrity, we CAN NOT vote in those who do.



Crimes Against Humanity


Convention of States:

Those in power WILL NEVER choose to relinquish that power, fortunately this tyranny was anticipated and Article 5, Convention of States was written into the constitution for the citizens to take back that which is their own.


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  1. Impose Congressional term limits

  2. Repeal the Seventeenth Amendment, returning the election of Senators to state legislatures

  3. Impose term limits for Supreme Court Justices and restrict judicial review

  4. Require a balanced budget and limit federal spending and taxation

  5. Define a deadline to file taxes (one day before the next federal election)

  6. Subject federal departments and bureaucratic regulations to periodic reauthorization and review

  7. Create a more specific definition of the Commerce Clause

  8. Limit eminent domain powers

  9. Allow states to more easily amend the Constitution by bypassing Congress

  10. Create a process where two-thirds of the states can nullify federal laws

  11. Require photo ID to vote and limit early voting

Mark R. Levins suggested amendments as written in The Liberty Amendments


By the People:

Charles Murray, an American political scientist, writer and public speaker, writes that our Constitution is too far gone and that the best way forward is by resisting regulation and litigation.



Understand your Constitutional powers, the most powerful thing you can do as an individual is to NOT COMPLY!  Watch this movie and understand just how much power you actually have.


Our Constitution!

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Parallel Economy:

The American Marxist have done a great job of corrupting Media and Cooperate America.  Free speech and the ability to conduct commerce are under assault by those who DO NOT subscribe to the concept and principals of the free market, therefore, it is up to us to create those businesses and Social Media platforms were such an ideology can thrive!


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