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I created this site because I feel that, above all else, the ability to freely exchange ideas is the single most important freedom that we have.  In a free society, no one should be afraid to share thoughts and ideas that, they themselves, may not share.  To that end...  this is a collection of what I feel are the most interesting and relevant Videos regarding politics and society in general.  They do NOT necessarily reflect my personal thoughts and ideas but are those I find fascinating.  Please feel free to explore the links and I hope you find them as interesting as I do.

Also... Should you feel there is content that should be included in on this site, PLEASE feel free to contact me.  There is a link to contact me located at the bottom of each page.

Thank You


Stop the steal
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Click on These for more great topics to check out.  Each image is its own site.

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Glenn Beck Four Part Special on Ukraine

The Best Explanation of who the Deep State is.

the Fall of the Cabal by Janet ossebaard


Link to BitChute Channel FallCabal

click here for the
Sequel to
the Fall of the Cabal by Janet ossebaard

click here for the
page dedicated to the fall of the cabal to access each part individually

Continuity of Government & Russiagate  by Millie weaver & dan bongino

Inspired by site visitor "John smith"
Two excellent documentaries by millie weaver - shadow gate & shadow gate 2

the craziest conspiracy theory out there...  Time travel and donald trump?


through the looking glass

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